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:: Out of Hibernation! ::

the Met

the Met

Now that the warm weather is coming back to Southern NH, the scooters are starting to climb out of their winter-long slumber and returning to active duty!!

We here at Gate.City.Scoots got off to an awkward start last summer, and hopefully we can turn that around this season and gain more interest and have a chance to scoot with more interested people!!

If you would like to be involved with Gate.City.Scoots, send us an email at: and let us know your interest!

Here is hoping we all get a chance to take many rides in the coming months!!


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We’re not dead


We’re not dead, we’re just hibernating and waiting for the wamer weather.

Anyone interested in scooting with us, please email

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Here we are trying out each other’s bikes. Dave is on Sid’s Honda Metropolitan, Sid is on Erin’s Keeway F-Act, and Paul is on Dave’s Keeyway Venus waaay in the back.
Photo by Erin.
This was taken a few weeks ago while Dave, Erin and I were hanging about.
Hopefully we can get a few Autumn rides scheduled soon!!

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Bob Lavoie rides on the Veteran’s Bridge over the Merrimack River from Hudson to Nashua on Tuesday. Lavoie commutes to his job at Market Basket in Hudson.

Bob Lavoie rides on the Veteran’s Bridge over the Merrimack River from Hudson to Nashua on Tuesday. Lavoie commutes to his job at Market Basket in Hudson. Nashua Telegraph staff photo by Don Himsel

The Nashua Telegraph has an article today about Scooter/Moped speed limits and safety on local roads:

Moped rider finds dead end in navigating city

NASHUA – Bob Lavoie commutes to his job at a Hudson supermarket via a motorized scooter that tops out at 30 miles per hour.

Because it has an engine of only 50 cubic centimeters – among other limitations, the state Department of Motor Vehicles classifies the vehicle as a moped even though it lacks bicycle-type pedals. The license plate, consequently, reads, “moped.”

Morning-commute drivers who queue up behind the thing on Lowell Road about 6 a.m. daily don’t care what it is. Some get so irked they honk their horns and give Lavoie the finger as they cross double yellow lines to pass him. . .

for the rest of the article, please click here

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Totally Electric!

Hobbyist Aaron Conti demonstrates his electric scooter outside of Starbucks in Nashua, NH.

Thanks to Dave for making the video!

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GCS gets brief mention in “Concord Monitor” paper, website

The Concord Monitor three page article on scooters gives Gate City Scoots a brief mention:

“A new club, Gate City Scoots, just launched a website in Nashua last month and held its first group ride there last weekend.”

read the full article written by Kate Davidson here: Driving a bargain

Thanks Kate!

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Group Image

Thanks to everyone that attended the first Gate City Scoots group ride. Allen, Erin and I all met at Greeley Park in Nashua at 12pm, and Dave, who sadly still has his scoot out of commission, followed behind us all the way to Milford and back! Dave’s a trooper!

The weather was gorgeous out and it was the perfect day for a nice ride. We’ll have to make the next ride longer, as the route I mapped out to Milford was very fast. Peterborough anyone??

Check out a few of the images from Saturday in the Flickr feed. I’ll try to get more up.

Thanks again those who made it. Lets try to double the number of people attending for the next one!


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Group Ride reminder

Just a reminder that this upcoming Saturday, August 9th is the group ride/meetup from Greeley Park, Nashua to Milford Oval.

Hope to see you there!

For more info and for a map of the route, please click on the “Rides&Meetups” link above.

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Group Ride: Nashua to Milford center, Saturday August 9th 2008

There will be a group ride held on Saturday, August 9th 2008 from Greeley Park, Nashua to the Milford Circle. Meetup will start at 12noon at Greeley, and upon arriving at Milford, we should all get lunch together.

For more information, please visit our Rides & Meetups page

This will be our first Gate City Scoots group ride. I hope all those interested will be able to attend.


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Sunday July 27th 2pm Meetup CANCELED

The 2pm Meetup at Greeley Park in Nashua for Sunday July 27th has been canceled because of weather concerns.

Look for a new meetup/ride date soon.



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